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NEC: Empowering Communities through Mentorship

Northern Energy Capital Inc.

Published June 10, 2024

PHOTO: Malek Tawashy, CEO Northern Energy Capital (left), Grace Nakimayak, Energy Coordinator and Energy Champion for Paulatuk Northwest Territories (right)

In a world where sustainable energy is becoming increasingly crucial, organizations like us at Northern Energy Capital are leading the charge towards a greener future. Recently, we had the opportunity to delve into a fascinating conversation with Grace Nakimayak who graciously shared insights in her participation in a Indigenous Clean Energy Mentorship Program and she shed some light on the remarkable initiatives taking place within her community in Paulatuk, Northwest Territories.

Grace Nakimayak serves as the main Energy Coordinator and Energy Champion for Paulatuk Northwest Territories, a remote community nestled along Darnley Bay with a background deeply rooted in advocating for clean energy, Grace's journey has been nothing short of inspiring.

One of the highlights of NEC's efforts is participating in a mentorship program which pairs experienced professionals like Malek Tawashy, NEC's CEO, with ambitious individuals like Grace. Through this Indigenous Clean Energy Mentorship Program, Grace has not only gained invaluable knowledge but has also seen a significant boost in her confidence, particularly in public speaking—a skill vital for advocating renewable energy solutions.

Malek said "I’m extremely proud to be the newest mentor in ICE’s IDODI Mentorship Program, where I have the distinct opportunity to offer knowledge, resources and guidance to Grace Nakimayak who is leading her community of Paulatuk’s transition to a clean energy future"


It is an honour to be supporting this journey with Grace and the community of Paulatuk as we set out to reduce their dependence on imported fossil fuels by developing community-owned clean energy projects and building up local skills and capacity along the way.


Our endeavors extend beyond mentorship into tangible projects aimed at reducing diesel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Grace's community, like many others in Northern Canada, faces the harsh realities of climate change, impacting their traditional way of life. Yet, through initiatives like rooftop solar panels and harnessing wind energy, NEC is helping pave the way for sustainable development while preserving cultural heritage.

A key aspect of NEC's approach is community involvement. Recognizing the importance of capacity building, Grace and her team are spearheading initiatives like the Community Energy Systems Course. This course not only educates community members about renewable energy but also opens doors to potential career paths in the sector, empowering the next generation to lead the charge towards a cleaner, brighter future.

One cannot overlook the collaborative efforts that underpin NEC's success. Partnerships with federal agencies, academic institutions, and local stakeholders have been instrumental in driving projects forward. With support from various quarters, NEC's vision of a sustainable, resilient community is steadily becoming a reality. As NEC continues to make strides in renewable energy and community empowerment, the future looks promising. With ongoing projects and a commitment to fostering talent and innovation, Grace and her colleagues are poised to create lasting positive change in their community and beyond.

Northern Energy Capital's participation in the mentorship program serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the transformative power of collaboration, innovation, and dedication to a sustainable future. As Grace Nakimayak and her team continue their remarkable work, they inspire us all to do our part in building a better world.

About Northern Energy Capital (NEC)

Northern Energy Capital is a renewable energy development company, established in 2015, dedicated to empowering northern and remote communities in their transition from fossil fuel consumption to clean energy asset ownership. NEC is the development partner of choice for off-grid and remote communities that seek to achieve energy independence through locally owned and locally produced renewable energy.

Are you interested in working with Northern Energy Capital on your next renewable energy project? We would love to hear from you! Contact us at or 250-213-8185 to learn more about how we can help you achieve your energy goals.


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