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Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw Wind Energy Project

Project Type: Wind
Capacity: 4.0 MW
Whitehorse, Yukon
Owner: Eagle Hill Energy LP
Status: Commercial Operation
Completion Date: March 2024
Yukon homes powered annually for 25 years
40 million
litres of diesel displaced over project lifetime
tonnes of CO2 emissions offset over project life

The Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw Wind Energy Project is Northern Energy Capital's flagship project. Located within the Kwanlin Dün First Nation's traditional territory, it is the first 100% Indigenous-owned wind energy project in northern Canada. Perched atop Haeckel Hill in Whitehorse, the 4.0 MW project uses advanced cold-climate turbine technology to boost the local energy supply during winter, when wind production is highest and Yukoners need it most. Owned and operated by Eagle Hill Energy LP, the project commenced operations in March 2024, beginning 25 years of service providing clean, renewable energy to the Yukon Grid. 

  • Resource Assessment & Feasibility Studies

  • Grant Writing & Funding Application 

  • Environmental Planning & Permitting

  • Advanced Design and Engineering Support

  • Construction and Commissioning Management

  • Operations Management

  • Cultural Legacy Initiatives

Development History

Starting in 2015, the Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw Wind Energy Project has progressed from concept to commercial operation over nine years. It builds on three decades of wind energy research and development on Haeckel Hill, which paved the way for EHELP’s historic 4.0 MW wind project. Explore the history and key development milestones to see our journey from vision to reality.


Advanced Turbine Technology

The new wind turbines on Haeckel Hill mark a significant advancement in cold-climate technology. Equipped with state-of-the-art features, these turbines provide unparalleled efficiency and reliability in harsh weather conditions.


30% longer blades creates a 70% larger swept path, allowing us to harness more of the wind’s energy with each rotation.


New 1000 kW (1 MW) generators maximize the amount of energy produced by each turbine, up from the previous 600kW models.


Height increased three stories, from 37m to 46m, to provide access to higher, stronger, and more consistent air flow. 


Black blades and in-blade heating technology prevents ice build-up and reduces down-time during icing conditions. 

Cultural Legacy Initiatives

The Haeckel Hill-Thay T'äw Wind Energy Project features various cultural legacy initiatives that enhance public understanding of renewable energy benefits and celebrate Kwanlin Dün First Nation heritage and values. These efforts include educational resources, cultural preservation, and dynamic storytelling—showcasing a collaborative model of reconciliation and sustainable development. Together, these initiatives underscore the lasting social, economic, and environmental impacts of community-level renewable energy projects. 

Long ago, cultural knowledge shared by elders told of how Kwanlin Dün citizens have harvested energy from the land and water for the people’s needs for thousands of years. Based on those traditional values, Kwanlin Dün continues that important relationship with the land and water to create energy our communities use year-round but in a new and responsible way.

Chief Sean Uyenets’echᶖa Smith, Kwanlin Dün First Nation

Project FAQ Video Series

Discover the journey from setup to sustainability with our FAQ series produced by GBP Creative. These short videos tackle the top questions about the Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw wind turbines, covering everything from transport and installation to how wind energy works and the project’s broader benefits for the Kwanlin Dün First Nation and Yukon’s clean energy future.

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