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Building Connections: KAE's Summer of Community Engagement in Nunavut

Kivalliq Alternative Energy

Naujaat, Coral Harbour, and Rankin Inlet, Nunavut

Published November 20, 2023

KAE team members (L-R) Blaine Chislett (SIC), Dana May (NEC), Chris Lentz (NEC), Denise Kusuguk (SIC), and Vivian Paniyuk (SIC) at the community open house in Naujaat, Nunavut, August 2023. PHOTO: Northern Energy Capital

This past August, Kivalliq Alternative Energy (KAE), a partnership between Northern Energy Capital (NEC) and Sakku Investments Corporation (SIC), travelled to the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut for a whirlwind 10 days of renewable energy engagement activities across two communities: Naujaat and Coral Harbour.

The visits are part of KAE's ongoing efforts to meet with locals, learn about the clean energy needs of each community, and seek free, prior, and informed consent before advancing our renewable energy initiatives to the next development phase.

For the second summer in a row, KAE hosted Renewable Energy Open Houses in Naujaat and Coral Harbour with the support of Sakku team members Blaine Chislett, Denise Kusuguk, and summer student Vivian Paniyuk, and NEC team members Dana May and Chris Lentz.

The Open Houses aimed to accomplish three key objectives:

  • Share KAE's vision for the upcoming Solar Energy and Battery Storage Projects planned for each community, including updates on the development process.

  • Absorb community feedback, ensuring the renewable projects truly reflect the needs and aspirations of local residents.

  • Give back to the communities with food, free merchandise, and a prize draw to win a solar cabin kit.

Snapshots from the Coral Harbour trip in August 2023. Top Row, L-R: Blaine and Dana with the youngest solar cabin kit winner today date, KAE presentation on the Solar Energy Project. Bottom Row, L-R: Chris preps the snack table before KAE's presentation, KAE meets with Coral Harbour's Hamlet Council. PHOTO: Denise Kusuguk, SIC

"Open Houses are dialogues at the heart of community," shares Malek Tawashy, Director of Kivalliq Alternative Energy, "they're about establishing a two-way conversation that empowers and educates, ensuring that as we progress, we do so together."

In addition to the Open Houses, the KAE project team also met with the Hamlet Councils from Naujaat and Coral Harbour to discuss logistics and address any community concerns at a high-level. The insights gained from these trips, coupled with additional site data, will be used to refine the project planning, design, and engineering phases.

Snapshots from the Naujaat trip in August 2023. Top Row, L-R: Blaine Chislett with the lucky prize winner of the solar cabin kit, KAE presentation on the Solar Energy Project. Bottom Row, L-R: Naujaat residents mingle and have snacks before KAE's presentation, KAE meets with Naujaat's Hamlet Council. PHOTO: Denise Kusuguk, SIC

Naujaat is the first project slated to begin construction in 2024. This innovative utility-scale solar energy project comprises of a 1.4 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) installation and a 1 MWh battery energy storage system that will integrate with Naujaat's existing microgrid operated by Qulliq Energy Corporation.

Together, this renewable energy system will provide up to 30% of the community's current energy demand, displacing over 400,000 litres of diesel per year. This project will diversify Naujaat's energy sources, reduce wear and tear on the existing diesel generators, and generate economic opportunities for the region during construction and operations.

"The solar projects in Naujaat and Coral Harbour are more than infrastructure," says Dana May, KAE's Project Manager, "they represent a brighter, cleaner future and an opportunity for communities to thrive."

As we look towards the next steps, KAE and NEC remain dedicated to bringing innovative clean energy solutions to the North, fostering growth, capacity-building, and a sustainable future for all.

Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, at 10pm in August 2023. PHOTO: Dana May, Northern Energy Capital

About Kivalliq Alternative Energy (KAE)

Kivalliq Alternative Energy Ltd. (KAE) is leading the clean energy transformation in the Kivalliq Region for the benefit of our future generations. Our mission is to develop clean energy sources that increase our energy independence and security, nurture community benefits, grow local capacity, and lay the foundations for the Kivalliq’s clean energy future.

KAE is an Inuit-Lead Partnership between Sakku Investments Corporation (SIC) and Northern Energy Capital (NEC). SIC is the development corporation of the Kivalliq Inuit Association and an Inuit Birthright Corporation. NEC is a renewable energy development company established to empower northern and remote communities in their transition from fossil fuel consumption to clean energy asset ownership.

About Northern Energy Capital (NEC)

Northern Energy Capital is a renewable energy development company, established in 2015, dedicated to empowering northern and remote communities in their transition from fossil fuel consumption to clean energy asset ownership. NEC is the development partner of choice for off-grid and remote communities that seek to achieve energy independence through locally owned and locally produced renewable energy.

Are you interested in working with Northern Energy Capital on your next renewable energy project? We would love to hear from you! Contact us at or 250-213-8185 to learn more about how we can help you achieve your energy goals.


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