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with results you can count on.

Our Expertise

Our expertise adds value to every part of your community. We provide project development services that empower your project to go from concept and feasibility, to design through to construction. From top to bottom, we are partnered with you on every detail.

What makes us unique

We take a services approach to maximize the value for your community. We create the project that fulfills what your community wants and needs, giving you the flexibility on how much you want to invest and own.
We shape the project the way you want it.

Custom approach

We customize the size of the project, the purpose it serves, where it's located, who is on the team, and we take care of the permitting, pricing, and commissioning it all based off of your needs. Completely customizable.

How to work with us

All you need is a commitment to go green and a few of your community members on your side - we take care of the rest. Designing, funding, building, training, community involvement - you can count on us for a smooth and transparent experience.

Our Core Values

Along our journey together you can count on us to embody and integrate our core values:

Forge the trail,

enjoy the journey

Do great work,

for good

Set others up

for success

Commit to caring

Lead shoulder

to shoulder


Strategic Advantages

Canadian owned and operated

We understand the culture of the north country and the value and adversities northern communities face.

Flexible ownership

Your community can own as much, or as little of your project as you would like - giving you the control and a say.

Community driven approach

We focus on the bigger picture of what is going to work for your entire community, for right now, and the future.

Local job creation

New job opportunities and training for locals are created out of our projects, giving your community access to new career paths.

Experience working in the north

We have industry-leading experience in cold climate renewable energy production and partnerships with northern communities and companies.

Holistic approach

We provide everything needed for the project from start to finish giving you a deeper sense of ease and partnership.


Let's start building the future, right now.

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