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sustainable futures.

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Write the Energy Plan

We create a plan that empowers the future of your community or mine site. Where we start is looking at your current energy usage and project how much energy is needed in the future.

Design the Project

We design the project to include and empower all parties needed to bring this to life. We map out in detail your project so that there is a clear pathway to fulfilling it.

Apply to Grants 

We pride ourselves on our resourcefulness and effectiveness in researching and securing funding, making it easier for your community to have its needs met. 

Manage the Project

Our attention to detail ensures the project moves forward with all stakeholders kept informed and empowered throughout the entire process.

Involve the Community

We include you every step of the way so that you know what is happening in your own backyard. We engage you in key ways to ensure your voice and needs are heard and met.


We have the people to get the job done and pride ourselves on expanding the opportunities for local trades people with the first opportunity to work on the project.



How It Works

We explore your vision

You have a commitment for your community and the future, and we are here to partner in fulfilling that goal.

We create a plan

We work with you to create a plan for your community that brings together all the key players in order to build a credible and successful project.

We fulfill on the plan

We see the project through to the end, ensuring all the details and deliverables are accounted for while your voice and needs are heard and met.

Wind Turbines in the Mountains

Our Approach

Environmental acumen

We are educated on climate change and the opportunity we have to make a difference with our energy use.

Flexible ownership

Your community can own as much, or as little of your project as you would like - giving you the control and a say.

Community driven focus

We focus on the bigger picture of what is going to work for your entire community, for right now, and the future.

Local job creation

New job opportunities and training for locals are created out of our projects, giving your community access to new career paths.

Experience working

in the north

Industry-leading experience in cold climate renewable energy production and partnerships with northern communities and companies.

Holistic methods

We provide everything needed for the project from start to finish giving you a deeper sense of ease and partnership.

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