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Northern Energy Capital Partners with Kluane First Nation

Article written by Northern Energy Capital

Published May 12, 2023

Kluane Lake, Kluane National Park

PHOTO: Shaund, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Northern Energy Capital (NEC) is proud to announce our partnership with Kluane First Nation (KFN) to provide financial services in developing the Yukon's first off-grid wind energy project.

KFN is a self-governing First Nation centred around the town of Burwash Landing in southwestern Yukon Territory, Canada. Like many remote communities across Canada, KFN depends on diesel fuel to generate electricity, which is expensive, environmentally damaging, and challenging to transport to remote communities.

The Kluane N'Tsi (Wind) Energy Project will now consist of one wind turbine with a total generating capacity of 900 kilowatts. The energy generated from the turbine will help reduce the First Nation’s long-standing reliance on fossil fuels to meet the electricity demands in the community while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Kluane First Nation has been working on renewable resources since the 1980s on micro-hydro, geothermal, wind and biomass heating," says KFN Chief Bob Dickson, "seeing the project come to fruition has been a huge accomplishment for all parties involved.”

The wind project will be a first for a diesel-powered community in the Yukon. Currently, the wind turbines on Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw near Whitehorse are the only commercial-scale wind energy projects in the Territory.

As the Development Manager for the new 4.0 MW Haeckel Hill Wind Energy Project owned by Eagle Hill Energy LP, NEC is proud to leverage our wind energy development experience to provide financial services supporting KFN in building their critical off-grid project.

NEC's expertise in wind energy development and project financing, combined with KFN's commitment to sustainability, will ensure the success of this wind energy initiative. We look forward to working with KFN to make this project a reality and to demonstrate the potential of off-grid renewable energy projects in meeting the energy needs of remote communities across Canada. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project!

Are you interested in working with Northern Energy Capital on your next renewable energy project? We would love to hear from you! Contact us at or 250-213-8185 to learn more about how we can help you achieve your energy goals.

About NEC

Northern Energy Capital is a renewable energy development company, established in 2015, dedicated to empowering northern and remote communities in their transition from fossil fuel consumption to clean energy asset ownership. NEC is the development partner of choice for off-grid and remote communities that seek to achieve energy independence through locally owned and locally produced renewable energy.

NEC designs, develops, and provides turn-key solutions for renewable energy projects engineered for Canada’s remote and northern communities. NEC starts with the aspirations, needs and vision of their community partner and then fulfills the role of development partner in realizing project objectives. NEC has core strengths in community engagement, visioning, securing project capital, managing supply chains, and developing local capacity, that when put together, result in powerful long term environmental, social, and economic returns for the communities we serve.


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