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ARCHIVED: Northern Energy Capital Completes Construction of Meteorological Tower on Haeckel Hill

Published October 26, 2016

Building for resiliency for the future of Haeckel Hill and beyond.

Whitehorse, YT (October 26th, 2016) Northern Energy Capital Inc. (“Northern Energy Capital”) is pleased to announce the completion of their state-of-the-art 70 m (230 ft.) meteorological tower (“met tower”) located on Haeckel Hill. “The met tower marks the first step towards creating Yukon’s first wind energy partnership between First Nations, the Community, and the Private sector” says Malek Tawashy, President of Northern Energy.

The met tower is located on Haeckel Hill in an area subleased from Yukon Energy Corporation and will collect wind resource data for the next 18 months. “The data collected by the met tower will support the development of utility-scale wind energy on Haeckel Hill using next generation wind turbines engineered for cold climates. The project is designed to fit within the Standing Offer Program (SOP) of the Independent Power Production Policy (IPP) which we expect will be implemented by the Yukon Government in the near future” said Tawashy.


Based in Whitehorse YT, Northern Energy Capital is a renewable energy development company specializing in the investment in, development and operation of renewable energy projects in Canada’s northern communities. “We are working with NGC Builders of Whitehorse whose values at the level of total community participation are in complete alignment with the vision that Northern Energy Capital stands for. No one wins, until we all can win” quoted Tawashy, referring to the economy and the environment.


NGC Builders is a local construction company in Whitehorse owned and operated by Doug Gilday and sons. “I have always had a passion for renewable energy and I am excited by the huge opportunity we are working on here” says Gilday, who also is co-owner of New Era Hydro, responsible for the construction and operation of a micro-hydro plant at Fraser on the South Klondike Highway. Gilday also lives off-grid in a home powered by a 2kW micro-hydro project he built himself.


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