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Northern Energy Capital Announces Cold Climate Renewables Research and Innovation Initiative

News Release written by Northern Energy Capital

Published September 14, 2022

Baker Lake Mobile Wind Resource Assessment Project team from left to right: Lars Q. (PEL), Oliver P. (NEC), Eugene (PEL), Paul W. (Sentrex). Absent: James G. (NEC)  PHOTO: PHOTO PROVIDED by Northern Energy Capital

Baker Lake MWRAP team, from left to right: Lars Q (PEL), Oliver P. (NEC), Eugene (PEL), Paul W. (Sentrex).

PHOTO: James Griffiths for Northern Energy Capital

Whitehorse, YT and Baker Lake, NT Northern Energy Capital (NEC), today announces that it has launched their wind resource assessment and capacity building program in Baker Lake, Nunavut with key partners Sakku Investments Corporation (SIC), Nunasi Corporation (NC), and Peter’s Expediting Limited (PEL). NEC’s cold climate renewable energy research will increase understanding and proof of use for key technologies. This research program will, in turn, increase access to clean energy solutions to additional remote locations across the vast remote Canadian market. This project is funded by the Government of Canada.

“For NEC this is another key milestone in our strategic approach to building a truly sustainable energy system in Canada and a very important step forward for our partners and NEC,” explained President and CEO Malek Tawashy. “This deployment provides the community with incredibly detailed and site-specific environmental data aimed at deploying the most advanced cold climate renewable energy technology to reduce diesel consumption, as well as training and development opportunities that build local capacity in the communities in which we operate. Ultimately, this allows us to collaborate with and serve our customers in these remote regions more effectively.”

This research initiative follows on from NEC’s recently announced collaboration with Sakku Investments Corporation, Nunasi Corporation, and industry partners, EWT, in which the companies are all committed to exploring future research and development opportunities to continue to lead the industry to address the untenable cost of diesel and the glaringly evident negative effects of climate change. Through initiatives like this one, NEC is playing a leading role in Canada’s sustainable future.

About NEC

Northern Energy Capital is a Yukon company, established in 2015, dedicated to empowering northern and remote communities in their transition from fossil fuel consumption to clean energy asset ownership. NEC is the development partner of choice for off-grid and remote communities that seek to achieve energy independence through locally owned and locally produced renewable energy.

NEC designs, develops, and provides turn-key solutions for renewable energy projects engineered for Canada’s remote and northern communities. NEC starts with the aspirations, needs and vision of their community partner and then fulfills the role of development partner in realizing project objectives. NEC has core strengths in community engagement, visioning, securing project capital requirements, managing supply chains, and developing local capacity; that when put together, result in long term environmental and economic returns for the communities it serves.


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