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Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw Wind Energy Project Commissioning Update

Eagle Hill Energy Limited Partnership

Published December 1, 2023

EHELP guests visit the newly installed wind turbines in October 2023. PHOTO: Northern Energy Capital

EHELP is pleased to share updates on the commissioning process of our four new wind turbines at Haeckel Hill, Whitehorse.

Collaborating closely with several key stakeholders, including ATCO Electric, Yukon Energy, the wind turbine manufacturer, and all levels of regulatory authorities, EHELP is in the final stages of commissioning, testing, and configuring the four new state-of-the art, cold-climate wind turbines on Haeckel Hill.

The turbines are now physically connected to the Yukon grid, and there are a number of final industry-specific electrical and safety tests to perform to ensure the project is providing a dependable supply of safe and reliable clean electricity to the Yukon grid.

EHELP values supplying renewable energy to the grid as soon as possible, and is cognizant that testing and commissioning also relies on environmental conditions to test our new cold-climate technologies before the wind turbines can be used to generate and export power to the grid. Once exporting begins, the wind turbines will serve as another power plant to support the Yukon’s need for electricity during the winter months, and so it is critical we make sure that all testing is completed before the turbines put into full service.

The anticipated commercial operation date is the end of 2023. The conclusion of the commissioning, testing, and quality assurance process will mark the Project’s completion milestone, demonstrating EHELP's commitment to delivering safe, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions to the Yukon.

Located within the traditional territory of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation, this landmark 4 MW wind turbine project is the first 100% Indigenous-owned wind energy initiative in northern Canada.

The four new wind turbines installed on Haeckel Hill Thay T'äw, October 2023. PHOTO: Green Cat Renewables Canada


“Long ago, cultural knowledge shared by Elders told of how Kwanlin Dün Citizens have harvested energy from the land and water for the people's needs for thousands of years. Based on those traditional values, Kwanlin Dün continues that important relationship with the land and water to create energy our communities use year-round but in a new and responsible way. Today, Kwanlin Dün's corporation Chu Níikwän has developed this project, meaning good clean renewable energy is being produced on Thäy T’äw, in the heart of our Traditional Territory for our community. It makes me proud to support this project that will provide for years to come.”

Chief Sean Smith, Kwanlin Dün First Nation

“The Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw Wind Energy Project represents a new source of clean energy that makes a meaningful contribution to supplying Yukon’s growing energy demands and delivers on our commitment to responsible environmental stewardship for the benefit of our future generations. Using the latest advancements in cold-climate wind turbine technology this innovative project provides a valuable source of clean winter energy today, and drives research and innovation for wind to play a larger role in the Yukon’s clean energy future."

Malek Tawashy, Director of Eagle Hill Energy LP

Project Timeline:


Project development kicks off with a meteorological tower installation on Haeckel Hill to collect wind data.


Yukon Government launches the Independent Power Producer Policy, enabling non-utility entities to generate clean electricity.


EHELP becomes a 100% Chu Níikwän LP company, wholly-owned by Kwanlin Dün First Nation


Ground-breaking and construction commence for four new wind turbines on Haeckel Hill


  • New roads and concrete foundations are built in preparation for turbine arrival

  • EHELP signs an Electricity Purchase Agreement with Yukon Energy under the Independent Power Producer Program


  • Turbines arrive in Canada, journeying from the Netherlands to the Port of Stewart, BC.

  • Turbines arrive in Whitehorse and are installed on Haeckel Hill

  • Turbines undergo exhaustive testing, configuration and commissioning

  • Turbines on schedule to begin exporting clean electricity to the Yukon Grid end of 2023.

Key Points:

  • Renewable Energy Benefits: The project will generate enough clean electricity to power over 650 Yukon homes annually for the next 20 years. Over the project’s lifetime, it will produce the clean energy equivalent of 40 million litres of diesel, helping offset rising carbon emissions from Yukon’s growing energy demand. By harnessing Yukon’s abundant winter winds, this project provides essential energy during the winter months when Yukoners need it most.

  • Advanced Turbine Technology: To withstand the Yukon’s harsh northern environment, the four new wind turbines use the latest advancements in cold-climate turbine technology to increase winter energy production. Features include: (1) longer blades for greater wind energy capture, (2) taller turbines to access stronger airflow, (3) advanced de-icing technology for increased energy production during and after icing conditions, and (4) more powerful generators to maximize energy generation. These advancements drive research and innovation, paving the way for wind energy to play a larger role in Yukon’s clean energy future.

  • Indigenous Values: Eagle Hill Energy LP (EHELP) is proud to develop northern Canada’s first 100% Indigenous-owned wind energy project. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kwanlin Dün First Nation’s development corporation, Chu Níikwän LP, EHELP champions renewable energy as a cornerstone of responsible land stewardship and self-determination. The name “Eagle Hill Energy” comes from the traditional Kwanlin Dün First Nation place name for Haeckel Hill, Thay T’äw, which means “Golden Eagle Nest” in Southern Tutchone.

For more information about the Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw Wind Energy Project and Eagle Hill Energy LP, please visit the project website:

Media Contacts

Malek Tawashy

Director, Eagle Hill Energy LP


Hayley Robb

Communications Coordinator, Northern Energy Capital


This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada


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