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Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw Wind Energy Project Achieves Commercial Operation

Eagle Hill Energy Limited Partnership

Published April 2, 2024

The new wind turbines installed on Haeckel Hill- Thay T’äw, March 2024. PHOTO: GBP Creative

In a landmark moment for renewable energy in Northern Canada, Eagle Hill Energy LP (EHELP) is thrilled to announce the Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw Wind Energy Project has achieved Commercial Operation.

As of March 8, 2024, the four new technologically advanced cold climate wind turbines are now operational and generating renewable electricity for the Yukon grid. This significant achievement follows after eight years of planning, policy creation, design and construction and marks the Yukon’s first Independent Power Producer (IPP) wind energy project to enter into commercial operation. Deploying innovative, grid-compatible wind turbine technology, the project recently completed all state-of-the-art grid integration tests, demonstrating EHELP's commitment to delivering safe, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions to the Yukon. 

Now exporting electricity to the Yukon grid, the Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw wind turbines serve as another power plant to support the Yukon’s need for electricity during the winter months.  

Located within the traditional territory of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation, this historic 4 MW project is the first 100% Indigenous-owned wind energy project in northern Canada.


The total cost to complete the project was $29.8 million. The Government of Canada has invested over $13 million through the Arctic Energy Fund of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program; nearly $5 million through the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor); and nearly $10 million through Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities Program (CERRC). EHELP (fully owned by Kwanlin Dün First Nation’s development corporation Chu Níikwän LP) has invested over $2 million worth of in-kind work.

The Haeckel Hill- Thay T’äw Wind Project from turbine delivery and installation in July 2023 to commercial operation in March 2024. PHOTOS: GBP Creative


Key Highlights:


  • Commercial Operation: The four advanced cold-climate wind turbines on Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw are now fully generating and exporting renewable electricity to the Yukon Grid.

  • Renewable Energy Benefits: The project will generate enough clean electricity to power over 650 Yukon homes annually for the next 20 years. Over the project’s lifetime, it will produce the clean energy equivalent of 40 million litres of diesel, helping offset rising carbon emissions from Yukon’s growing energy demand. By harnessing Yukon’s strong and consistent winter winds, this project provides essential energy during the winter months when Yukoners need it most.

  • Advanced Turbine Technology: To withstand the Yukon’s harsh northern environment, the four new wind turbines use the latest advancements in cold-climate turbine technology to increase winter energy production. Features include: longer blades for greater wind energy capture, taller turbines to access stronger airflow, advanced de-icing technology for increased energy production during and after icing conditions, and more powerful generators to maximize energy generation. These advancements drive research and innovation, paving the way for wind energy to play a larger role in Yukon’s clean energy future.

  • Indigenous Values: Eagle Hill Energy LP (EHELP) is proud to develop northern Canada’s first 100% Indigenous-owned wind energy project. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kwanlin Dün First Nation’s development corporation, Chu Níikwän LP, EHELP champions renewable energy as a cornerstone of responsible land stewardship and self-determination. The name “Eagle Hill Energy” comes from the traditional Kwanlin Dün First Nation place name for Haeckel Hill, Thay T’äw, which means “Golden Eagle Nest” in Southern Tutchone.


The new wind turbines installed on Haeckel Hill- Thay T’äw, March 2024. PHOTO: GBP Creative Productions  



“Long ago, cultural knowledge shared by Elders told of how Kwanlin Dün Citizens have harvested energy from the land and water for the people's needs for thousands of years. Based on those traditional values, Kwanlin Dün continues that important relationship with the land and water to create energy our communities use year-round but in a new and responsible way. Today, Kwanlin Dün's corporation Chu Níikwän has developed this project, meaning good clean renewable energy is being produced on Thäy T’äw, in the heart of our Traditional Territory for our community. It makes me proud to support this project that will provide for years to come.”

– Chief Sean Smith, Kwanlin Dün First Nation


"Reconciliation isn't just a concept, it's about taking real steps towards change. Through the Haeckel Hill Wind Energy Project, we're bringing this to life by blending our environmental responsibilities with meaningful economic opportunities. It's about visibly and growing tangible assets that allow Chu Níikwän Limited Partnership to be part of a future where our community thrives—economically, sustainably, and independently."

– Rick O’Brien, CEO of Chu Níikwän Development Corporation


“The Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw Wind Energy Project represents a new source of clean energy that makes a meaningful contribution to supplying Yukon’s growing energy demands, while delivering on our commitment to responsible environmental stewardship for our future generations. Using the latest advancements in cold-climate wind turbine technology this innovative project provides a valuable source of clean winter energy today, and drives research and innovation for wind to play a larger role in the Yukon’s clean energy future.”

– Malek Tawashy, Director of Eagle Hill Energy LP


“We are pleased to celebrate the commercial operation of the first wind Independent Power Producer in the Yukon, a project that is owned by Kwanlin Dün First Nation’s Development Corporation. Connecting this project safely to the Yukon grid took countless hours and dedication from all teams involved, and I thank everyone for their hard work on this project. Wind power is available during winter months when we need it most. Wind projects like the Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw Wind Energy Project, together with battery storage and sources of firm energy (like hydro and thermal generators), have a key role to play in meeting climate change objectives and I look forward to seeing this project contribute to our electricity future.”

– Rod Savoie, Vice Chair, Yukon Energy Board of Directors


“Access to reliable sources of energy is essential for northern communities to thrive while at the same time building a greener, healthier future. It is exciting to see the launch of the operation of the four turbines at the Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw Wind Energy Project that is providing energy to communities around Whitehorse, including Kwanlin Dün First Nation.  With more efficient and reliable energy provision across the grid, we are helping to tackle climate change that is impacting our communities.”- Dr. Brendan Hanley, Member of Parliament for Yukon, on behalf of the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities


“The Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw Wind Energy Project is the first 100 per cent Indigenous owned wind energy project in the North and offsets 115,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from the Yukon now that it’s operational. This represents eight years of collaboration and planning between all levels of government to get Yukoners the infrastructure they need to create climate resilient communities. These wind turbines allow Yukoners to be less reliant on diesel fuel during the winter months by adding to the Yukon’s grid capacity and makes the Yukon a greener place to live.”

– Hon. Ranj Pillai, Premier of Yukon


"Congratulations to Eagle Hill Energy LP on achieving this significant milestone in advancing renewable energy in the Yukon. Your commitment to harnessing our natural resources responsibly while honouring Indigenous values is commendable and paves the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future for all Yukoners."

– Hon. John Streicker, Minister of the Yukon Development Corporation and the Yukon Energy Corporation

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Director, Eagle Hill Energy LP



Les Wilson

Director, Eagle Hill Energy LP and Director of Development Chu Níikwän LP


Jesse Bouchard

Operations Manager, Chu Níikwän LP


About Eagle Hill Energy Limited Partnership


Eagle Hill Energy Limited Partnership (EHELP) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chu Níikwän Limited Partnership (CNLP), the business arm of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation (KDFN) Government. EHELP owns and operates the Haeckel Hill-Thay T’äw Wind Energy Project. As one of Yukon’s Independent Power Producers, EHELP sells all renewable electricity generated from the project to Yukon Energy under a 25-year Electricity Purchase Agreement (EPA).



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