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A warm, and long awaited, reception from Nunavut

Article written by Amanda Dell'Aquila for Northern Energy Capital

Published June 28, 2022

The Hamlet Council and Mayor in Naujaat stand together for a photo after speaking with Northern Energy Capital.

The Hamlet Council and Mayor in Naujaat as they gather to speak with Northern Energy Capital regarding the clean energy project.


Twenty-four hour daylight, and a sense of curiosity, welcomed four of our team members from Northern Energy Capital (NEC) as they visited Nunavut earlier this month.

The team's trip from June 5th to 10th included visits to Naujaat and Coral Harbour to further engage with the community, and continue work on the solar and energy storage projects set to launch in 2024.

From left to right: James Griffiths from NEC, Gavin Jackson, a project partner from Green Cat Renewables, and Dana May from NEC.

"The solar projects have been in the works for a long time," remarks Dana May, a project coordinator with NEC, "but with all of the recent travel restrictions our contact was always from the desktop level."

The team had attempted visiting the communities 3 times prior however had to reschedule due to Covid-19 restrictions. The long wait didn't seem to diminish the NEC team or locals' excitement states Dana, "It was truly rewarding to finally get out to the communities and the sites themselves, and to talk to locals and start to really envision these projects coming to life.”

NEC along with with their partners, Sakku Investments Corporation and the Government of Nunavut’s Climate Change Secretariat, met with community members during open houses to present the results of the community energy plan (CEP) and each community’s energy survey results.

"We meet with locals to provide information about the project and to get input", shares Malek Tawashy, president and CEO of Northern Energy Capital. "It gives us a chance to be in dialogue with the people whose lives will benefit from these projects."

Many people are gathered in a vast community centre for an open house at Coral Harbour.
NEC meets with the community in Coral Harbour.

The team's visit also further supports the communities' commitment to energy management. As part of one of the energy saving initiatives that came out of the CEP's, each household in Naujaat and Coral Harbour received a home energy efficiency kit that will help reduce energy use and energy costs in the home. The kit provides essentials such as LED lightbulbs, a low flow shower-head, insulated outlet covers, a surge protector, and window kits.

This information, along with additional site data collected during their trip, will help inform next steps in project planning, design, permitting, and engineering.


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