Haeckel Hill

Whitehorse, Yukon

4MW Wind Energy Project

Partners: Kwanlin Dun First Nation
Capital Cost: $17M
Technology: 4x1MW wind turbines with customized blade heating
Proposed Commercial Operation: 2019

The Haeckel Hill revitalization project builds upon the past trials of Yukon Energy’s wind program of the late 1990’s. The Project today is 5x larger, and will produce energy overcoming the harsh climactic conditions at this geographic location.


Rankin Inlet

Rankin Inlet, Nunavut

2MW Wind Energy Project

Partners: Local Indigenous Corporations
Capital Cost: $12M
Technology: 2x1MW wind turbines with customized blade heating
Proposed Commercial Operation: 2020

The first development in Nunavut capable of displacing fossil fuels on a utility-scale. The project has the capacity to generate over 30% of the community’s electricity demand and will reduce carbon emissions by over 100,000 tonnes over its lifetime.


Las Galeras, Dominican

1MW Wind Energy Project

Partners: Terrenas Luz y Fuerza
Capital Cost: $5M
Technology: 2x500kW wind turbines
Proposed Commercial Operation: 2019

The Las Galeras wind project is the first renewable energy project in the Las Geleras area of Samana. Terrenas Luz y Fuerza has a concession to generate and distribute electricity to this island community currently operating on 100% fossil fuels.


Pincher Creek, Alberta

32MW Wind Energy Project

Partners: Clem Geo-Energy Corp
Capital Cost: $60M
Technology: 16x2MW wind turbines
Proposed Commercial Operation: 2020

The Pincher Creek area consists of cultivated land in an excellent, proven wind regime, closetoroadways,distributionandtransmissioninfrastructure. Theprojectis bordered by Highway 507 to the south and Highway 11 to the east.


Miramichi, New Brunswick

20MW Wind Energy Project

Partners: North Shore MicMac District Council (NSMDC)
Capital Cost: $40M
Technology: 5x4MW wind turbines
Proposed Commercial Operation: 2021

NSMDC is comprised of seven First Nations situated along the north and east coast of New Brunswick. The 20MW project stands to provide a sustainable revenue source for the NSMDC to continue to provide economic opportunities to First Nations they represent.